Tuesday, November 26, 2013

4 Easy Review Games For Abecedarians

I just wanted to share for games that have worked well for review with my abecedarian class this year. All of the games I picked up at our local Goodwill or Thrift Store (double checking that all the pieces were there first) - but I've been surprised how well they work. We usually broke up into teams of 2 and then before each teams spin/turn they would answer a review questions (answering once on their own and then once as a class).

Chutes and Ladders: I believe someone has made review cards for CnL on C3 - for ours we just used Cycle 2 Memory Master Flashcards (they would spin and them the color they landed on related to a certain subject).

Candyland Train (one of their favorites): I had the kids take turns rolling and then after answering a review question (using the cycle summery in the Foundations Guide) they chose a candy token. Each teams goal was to collect one of each token.

Horton Hears A Who: Teams of two, one spinner and one Horton (switching off each turn). Before spinning I had them answer *2* review questions (because you lose a lot of time with the running around as Horton), then Horton followed the game as directed.

Who Shook Hook (another favorite): Teams of two, one spinner and one 'pirate.' Again I had them answer *2* review questions before spinning and trying to collect the treasure. With this one you may want to set up the map on a separate table as sometimes the reaching and pointing can lead to an unintended shaking of Hook 

Happy Reviewing!